A quick-and-dirty test on how to reproduce these giant 3D billboards that are popping up here and there, mainly in South East Asia. It looks quite similar to those trompe l’œil drawn on sidewalks, but animated obviously, despite some fuzzy reading about the so-called innovative and advanced projection technologies. Anyway, some photos shot from different angles were revealing some projection distortions, confirmed that whatever the display technology is, naked-eye 3D or not, the viewer has to be on the right spot to get the best experience.
The technique shown here applies to L-shaped and curved screens.

The video footage used in the version presented here is purely to enhance the visual result but this is absolutely not a project related to the Mikimoto building (Tokyo).

Video footage courtesy of Christophe CASTAGNE (extract from The secret of the pink pearls).

Giant 3D billboard – © 2022